Endings and beginnings

Before I start a new art work, whether it’s a film, article or sculpture, I need to close the door on the previous piece. In this case, before I could start a stone sculpture, I literally “closed IN a door.”

I live in an old firehouse with a leaky large door and no pole. (It was a town hall, jail, movie theatre, and volunteer firehouse in various incarnations.) I heat the work space with a wood stove and am ALWAYS cold. This was the year I decided to close in the front door by building a well insulated wall that allowed light in, kept the cold out and provided a wall on which to draw.

Windows appear








With input from the neighbors and artisan carpenter Larry Fisher, we closed in the firetruck door. As temperatures fell, I completed the final coat of paint and prepared for the next step in my creation process.


9 comments on “Endings and beginnings

  1. MOM says:

    Jo, this looks really nice! I sure hope you get the warmth you are looking for. Atleast it should cut way down on drafts! Happy New Year! Jen&Bob

  2. Pat Roop Hollinger says:

    Another incarnation for the Union Bridge Fire Hall. The incarnation that I recall. Also that Shirley had piano recitals in the hall. Hoping the rest of the winter is WARM! Pat Roop Hollinger

  3. Kathy Erb says:

    Enjoy your creative journey! Warmth and comfort will be appreciated I’m sure.

  4. Peg says:

    Nice job and a great lesson to us all. Finish something before starting something else! You are the best Jo! Buena suerte on your rock job. Love, Peg

  5. Phil Mackall says:


    I see light colored brick to the right of the door (as you face the building). Is that where the old door entrance and staircase was? Did you take that out, too, so that you only now have an entrance on the side?

  6. I recommend long johns to help you through the chill of winter! I am also starting on a new project, but cleaning everything away and filling in holes and painting and throwing out before I begin.

  7. Shirley Kirkwood says:

    Got it – finally! And like Pat, I have distinct memories of the firehouse, my recitals, the long stairway, seeing the Heifer Project installation in your studio, etc. What a fabulous reincarnation for that building – something I know Union Bridge never dreamed of either.

  8. Beckie says:

    I like the high windows that allows for a drawing wall inside!

  9. Jo, where do you get all this energy?! the wall looks great!

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